TiE Networking event – Tim Draper

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I previously posted about Tim Draper coming to address a gathering organized by TiE bangalore. I had posted the date wrong , it is not 11th but it is 6th of october.  I am hoping it to be a fun event. But it got me thinking that  web2con is also around about the same time (5-7th october), Is Tim not going to be attending web2con ( which is currently the most hottest buzz in the technology world). Or is that the case that he is hoping to find web 2.0 stuff from India or so it looks like from his talk topic 🙂

  “Entrepreneurship in Global Economy”

 I did a quick check at the web2con speakers list, Steve Jurvetson one of Tim‘s partner is attending web2con (thus I guess Tim would not be missing the web2con action) and would be involved in a workshop titled  “VC 2.0: An Entrepreneur’s Market”. Others in the workshop include –

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
Paul Graham, Partner, Y Combinator
Ross Mayfield, CEO, Social Text

Phew!!! what a group ?