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Indian VC blogger

I have ranted before that there are were no Indian VC bloggers, that only Arun blogs, Arun later clarified that he tracks the technology industry with a focus on the VC activities and is not a VC himself. Which meant that there was no Indian VC blogger at all till now. But finally there is one, I just saw a post from Arun stating that Anand Sridharan who recently became an associate at Bessemer Venture Partners has claimed that title.  A few days ago I saw a post from Gaurav as updates from their geek dinner that Alok (newly VC and successful entrpreneur –,  is soon going to be first India’s first  VC blogger. Looks like Anand  just took away that title from Alok 😀 !  

   I am looking forward to posts from Anand .  Here is a few of my thoughts/feedback about the blog.

 1.   The posts are very excellent explaining/discussing the Indian market/mindset.

 2. There are template issues in the blog & they are making the posts unreadable, needs a fix badly. 

 3.  Anand  should consider switching to a better blogging platform (blogspot is so ancient  causes a lot nuisance), switch to wordpress 🙂   [Suggestion goes to Cowan as well]

 Atleast anand  could consider changing the theme  , gets confusing with Cowan‘s blog, I am just pondering if that theme is a standard BVP theme 🙂

 4.  You can take a look at my blogroll if you are looking for reading more VC blogs that I have built over a long time :D. [I know it is not f/b but Ego-boosting :D]. If you want to keep your blogroll short then just subscribe to this VC channel

    Just checked on Anand’s post on  VC channel :D, I have my roll alphabatically sorted and ‘Arun’ comes before ‘thevcchannel’


Comparing Reed & Metcalfe

Nivi has an interesting post comparing Reed’s Law & Metcalfe’s Law, he discusses an entire range of  Sarnoff , Odlyzko  and  Haque‘s Law. It would be interesting to check out Umair’s response to it (especially Dunbar number).  And yes of course this post leads to a Nivi’s Law :-), leaving no hole unplugged so that a new network law can be created 🙂

P2P meets RSS – “collaborative micronews delivery”

Very very Interesting in concept but lot of real world limitations need to be overcome.  Incentives, secuirty etc.  




I  read on scripting news about Matt emailing Dave to inform him that every blog on supporting categorized OPML. Any blogger has been able to use this. I am kinda new to this thing  but trying to get to know more about it as it looks very kewl !! 

Mobile 2.0 – YABW

YABW – Yet Another Buzz word 🙂

    By now you most who keep themselves tuned to the technology would  have heard of the trends in web & web 2.0 , another thing that I am trying  keep up with quite very actively is stuff that is going in the mobile space.  In that context I found this post pretty interesting –  Mobile 2.0 

      Btw has anyone noticed that of late  more than 50% of  posts in contentsutra in last few weeks is about mobile companies/deals happening in India. 

TiE Networking event – Tim Draper

I previously posted about Tim Draper coming to address a gathering organized by TiE bangalore. I had posted the date wrong , it is not 11th but it is 6th of october.  I am hoping it to be a fun event. But it got me thinking that  web2con is also around about the same time (5-7th october), Is Tim not going to be attending web2con ( which is currently the most hottest buzz in the technology world). Or is that the case that he is hoping to find web 2.0 stuff from India or so it looks like from his talk topic 🙂

  “Entrepreneurship in Global Economy”

 I did a quick check at the web2con speakers list, Steve Jurvetson one of Tim‘s partner is attending web2con (thus I guess Tim would not be missing the web2con action) and would be involved in a workshop titled  “VC 2.0: An Entrepreneur’s Market”. Others in the workshop include –

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures
Paul Graham, Partner, Y Combinator
Ross Mayfield, CEO, Social Text

Phew!!! what a group ?



Writely on Rails => Writeboard. Another neat stuff by gang including DHH from 37signals.

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