Banning of Rock shows in plain stupidity

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

This post from the blog of Amit varma (a popular blog in the Indian blogosphere) is quoted by Times Of India bangalore printed edition on the issue banning of rock music by authorities.Few days ago Independence rock in mumbai was stopped & Freedam Jam in bangalore was shutdown !! I think it is high handedness of the authorities to take such measure, it is totally a ridiculous thing to equate dance bars & rock shows. Rock music is a part of the culture of city of mumbai & bangalore, banning them is utterly ridiculous.

I am planning on attending these two upcoming rock shows, let’s see if the authorities are going to police these ones which are going to be conducted at reputed colleges of the city.

Vibration 2005 (IISc)
Strawberry Fields 2005 (NLS)

Note to folks at Freedam Jam, I have a plain thought to getting the reedeom rocking. What If they won’t allow us to have a rock concert in the city , let us rock in the virtual space of internet. Why don’t we create something like MyVirtualBand for bangalore, an area where rock enthusiasts in bangalore can colloborate.