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web 2.0 everywhere

Every whereI turn in the blogosphere technology hangout  the most favourite discussion seems to be web 2.0.  Latest I saw is what John Hagel has to say about it.

” Web 2.0 is an emerging network-centric platform to support distributed, collaborative and cumulative creation by its users.”.  Full post here.

  Hagel is a very well known & great strategist.

Checking out

   Checking out Rollyo & Jotlive right now. I liked Jotlive very much. it is basically an easy to use free wiki which allows multiple users. Another interesting bit about it is that it is built using RoR 🙂

    But I am trying to figure out what Rollyo is about, trying to understand  the implications of Searchrolls ! Seth thinks they are cool &  are early web 2.0 stuff ! 

Power of Manufacturing in end users hand

eMachineshop is a old news by now but if you have’nt checked it till now, it is a must see. It is an online machine shop that allows a user to design, price, and order custom machined parts online. Putting the power of manufacturing into the hands of users.

Tagline from the website “Why waste time traveling, calling, faxing or emailing to conventional machine shops – and waiting days for quotations? Reduce your total time up to 90%! Open doors to new products and projects, to inventing new things, to reducing the cost of parts and more. Quantity 1 to 1,000,000.?

Now this what I like the best thing about technology, it brings power into the hands of a commoner 🙂 . Previous examples include Mainframes -> PC, Newspapers -> Citizen Journalism(blogs)

Banning of Rock shows in plain stupidity

This post from the blog of Amit varma (a popular blog in the Indian blogosphere) is quoted by Times Of India bangalore printed edition on the issue banning of rock music by authorities.Few days ago Independence rock in mumbai was stopped & Freedam Jam in bangalore was shutdown !! I think it is high handedness of the authorities to take such measure, it is totally a ridiculous thing to equate dance bars & rock shows. Rock music is a part of the culture of city of mumbai & bangalore, banning them is utterly ridiculous.

I am planning on attending these two upcoming rock shows, let’s see if the authorities are going to police these ones which are going to be conducted at reputed colleges of the city.

Vibration 2005 (IISc)
Strawberry Fields 2005 (NLS)

Note to folks at Freedam Jam, I have a plain thought to getting the reedeom rocking. What If they won’t allow us to have a rock concert in the city , let us rock in the virtual space of internet. Why don’t we create something like MyVirtualBand for bangalore, an area where rock enthusiasts in bangalore can colloborate.

Om on web 2.0

Om is a great writer and always ahead of in catching the trends and almost every time getting them right. (blogged about him before here) I am just wondering how is that Om came up with a post on web 2.0 this late. I was expecting him to post about this long ago. But any way here is Om takes on Web 2.0.

Om  defines Web 2.0 as a “collection of technologies – be it VoIP, Digital Media, XML, RSS, Google Maps… whatever …. that leverage the power of always on, high speed connections and treat broadband as a platform, and not just a pipe to connect?

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Comparsion of blogger and WordPress

Here is a nice comparsion of blogger and wordpress. One thing that I would like to add to that is has trackbacks blogger does not.

Update: In response to a comment I tried create this spreadsheet at numsum, could not capture all the differences because numsum did not allow me to add more than twelve rows 😦