More Updates at TiE event

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

After the talk by Shekhar kapur was over there were two very very interesting announcements that were made,

Tim Draper is going to be next speaker [if I heard that correct :-)] and the event is going to be held on October 11.

The only way someone might have not heard of him is by hibernating in Alaska in the last 2-3 weeks :-). He is one of the key VC’s who funded skype and made tons of money from the Skype – Ebay deal. He is also very well known for his crazy antics, skype was a big risky investment which paid off well. Surely he is a risk master. I am looking forward to this one very eagerly, would like to know what trick he has in his bag now to play for this meet. I also expect a very huge turnout this time 🙂