Lets talk web and India

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

Came across this today http://www.spot2get.com/, the first(only on so far) post in it says that it is going to “discuss web 2.0 in India”. Well so am I, lets spin a good conversation over the blogs about web 2.0 in India 🙂
Some more site on my radar
Pinstrom – by the now legendary Mahesh Murthy . It is a search marketing company.
makemytrip.com – Decent UI & design , but I don’t whats got into the heads those who are running the marketing & PR of the companies. They are pouring/burning money by showing up Ads in TV channels like Star, Sony etc. Guys that’s bad way to create a user base !! Have’nt you heard of something called Viral marketing. Ghumo is not even 1/4th of what makemytrip is(design & UI) but I came to know about ghumo.com long before and it serves all the significant functionality of makemytrip.Both according to me are simple aggregator but I can say that ghumo.com would be more successful given the way currently things are.