The web Os

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

The Web OS is inching towarding (not at internet time though) reality. It is a well known fact to any *nix user that a command line is the most important part of an OS. I came across this brilliant app called YubNub. [ Another app that I just loved within a minute of using it]

Also realized ( through Jon’s blog) that are so many small bits that are already developed which act as components of the Web OS.

Here is a growling list of such components.

Command line – YubNub

Find – Google

Word Editor – Writely

Registry –

Email Client – Gmail

Spreadsheet – NumSum

Storage/HardDisk – Ourmedia

Photo Organizer – Flickr

IM – Meebo

Desktop – NetVibes

The list is far from complete but it is pretty good start. Oh !! web 2.0 is really so exciting.

I am thinking now who(Yahoo, Google, MS) is going to couple(tie) these all together to deliver as a single platform (co-ordination) to the users. Google sounds to me to be the most likely contender, hey folks at google are you going to use the money that you are raising in the second round to acquire all of these companies ??

PS: Drop me a line if you find another such component that loosely fits in the jigsaw