Laughter Challenge

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I had been lamenting for long that Indian Media (Hindi Music/Movie & includes other regionals ones too),lacks innovation barring very few exceptions there has been absolutely no innovation in these medium. Thats why I stopped which hindi movies, serials, stopped listening to songs. Anything that I liked turned out to my utter dismay a ripoff(imitation) of something else. Now some of my friends being very touchy about this would say thats all crap and how does one “explain the huge boat loads of money all these movies, serials make.” Well there are only two great strategies one is innovation and other one is immitation. So yeah they are using a good strategy to succeed, but then that is not sufficient in the long. And advice to the media companies, take a leaf out of the note of the success of “Great Indian Laughter Challenge” in Star One. Rashmi had once blogged that among the new entrants in TV channels , Star One is the better than others out there , ( a lot better than zoom) , she is quite right. Laughter challenge is a good testimony to that.
There is absolutely no doubt that this program fall in the innovation category. It is unbelievably good, its additictive, You have to watch it to believe it, it is so good that every one that I recommend it to everyone I know with the gaurantee that they would love it. Well while all other channels are busy creating dismal reality shows like Indian Idol,Gurukul , blah blah and whatever other crap , Star One did a very smart thing and came upwith this show. They recognized the very simple fact that “Everyone likesto have a hearty laugh” and created a platform where a talented few where chosen and given chance to showcase their talent and make the audience laugh.I wait with great eagerness for friday to come to watch a TV show.(It is surprising to me considering that I never watch any of the these TV show). You have to see it yourself to believe. Check out these clips which I got hold of from somewhere .(link may expire soon).A simple but a very good innovation after a very very long time from an Indian channel. Kudos to Star one for that.
Well those who keep track of itwould know that the finals of this show ended last friday and from today onwards it would be called the”Great Indian Laughter Champions” but will it be as good as the “LaughterChampion” was. It is relatively easy to innovate once but to repeat that isone hell of a task, the expectations or bar gets set very high. Lets seewhats going to happen tonight at 10.00. Even google did not innovate much after first time the way it did with search.
I like the show but I have my complaints too, something which the bigmedias will never understand is transparency. Audience ( atleast the one’slike me) like transparency, but transparency was not there at all in theshow. For Instance Sunil Pal won the finals in the challenge ( i agree with shekhar & siddu that this guy is frickingenius no doubt about that) but on the finals day Ehsaan Qureshi’s performance was the best. Ehsaaan has unique style he repeats itagain & again there is no variety but inspite of that he makes people laugh. Sunil content & variety is breathtaking but I still felt that by judging on the performance on the final day Ehsaan should have won. Another thing that I don’t understand is that why is notEhsaan goingto be a part anymore and whom Googi ( a brilliant comedian but was shelved earlier) is being taken , what is the basis ??
Nonetheless this show really kicked ass.
PS: One subtle thing that I like very much about this there is not much ofartificial background laughter in this show unlike any other comedy show.