How job posting should be

This how a job posting should be
“If you’re the sort of person who gets frustrated when Scotty can’t get the dilithium crystals to put out just a little bit more energy, this might be the place for you.”

Read the full post here from Seth Godin who is looking for a Chief Engineer. He is brilliant as he is always & he never ceases to amaze his readers, now this is the kind of post that will attract the best of the people to his team.

One thought on “How job posting should be

  1. Всем доброго!
    Скачал игру 15 Days, поигралось совсем чуть чуть….
    Интересно Ваше мнение, а также на каком конфиге запускали ее.

    Вот тут почитал Обзор игры 15 Days
    но кажется он не совсем достоверен…

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