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TR 35 is an annual list released by the Technology review which awards 35 high-tech innovators under the age of 35. I was visiting Andy Carvin’s blog after a very long time and I saw a post referencing to this list and the mention of Andy being one of the winners !! It is really very sweet news. Congragulations Andy ! He was given the award for his work with the Digital Divide Network and promoting the concept of mobcasting

Dating 2.0

Consumating – This can be defintely called Dating 2.0 , it fits in the definition of web 2.0. Tagging & ranking a person’s profile. It is very cool check it out.

Hurray ! Linux – Rusell thinks that too

As many who love Linux , I too have big hopes/bets that linux will be the dominant design in mobile OS. Now Rusell thinks that too. Rusell as once Om had pointed out is the Mobile Guy Kawasaki , he is to mobiles what Jobs was to GUI, what Winer was to blogs & Andresson to Netscape. It is real cool when the mobile evangelist thinks that linux will be huge in the mobile space.
It is very good to see that Rusell has had this change of opinion, he was a big time fan of Symbian so far.
Rusell had put it very correctly the development easiness is huge in Linux. When I started developing applications for mobile phones, it took me very less time to understand the nuance of Qtopia and proceed with development as I knew a bit of Qt before. Now I develop application for symbian platform( by now have spent more time on symbian than linux) and I realize that the learning curve is indeed very steep.
Btw I just read the news(via Om) that Christian Lindholm who was on a vacation for last few months has left nokia and will join yahoo. Rusell & Lindholm together , Yahoo is going to really rock in the mobile space.
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