Pop goes my Orkut account

I never had a good feeling about orkut service from the day I created an account there. It is too open a system , there is so much of personal information that is lying out there which if fell in someone’s hands with malicious thoughts it could spell real danger(some other problems with orkut here). I wanted to remove my name from it since long which I finally did today as I was not deriving any value out of it and instead was losing some much of data pertaining to me into a public space. Those whom I was connected to there will not miss me there as they know how to contact me otherwise.

44 thoughts on “Pop goes my Orkut account

  1. Rajan,
    what you said is right.I used to have a similar opinion , I never joined orkut until I found that many of our guys are there.But when I joined , I was able to get in touch with many of my childhood friends.So in that sense, it was an advantage to me.
    But, the only thing I still hate about orkut is the open scrap book.

  2. Hello all viewers

    I want to open an Orkut account. I do not know the names of known friends who have this account. Therefore I am write at this form to help me and invite me to open an Orkut account. My id is
    akhtar20853@GMail.com i will be grateful for over for your this act of kindness. bye and take care

  3. Hmm…

    After a lot of searching I have realised that that people don’t just habd out Orkut Accounts so i’m willing to trade. Don’t know what yet but just ask for something – Pretty please.

    If There is anyone kind enough please just send me an invite


    i will appreciate any efforts

  4. Hello,

    I was mislead into beliveing that if you had a google account, than you automatically were given an orkut one.
    I’d never even heard of it until very recently.

    But, as it turns out- just the same as with gmail, you need an invitation to sign up…

    So, would somebody please kindly send an invite to either:

    It would be VERY much appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

  5. hi wow really sad cant gain access to my orkut account … met some wonderful people there… fix the problems with accessing others information… and accessablity … its a shame as i have found it to be a wonderful site…. My friends can access my account and i cant does anyone know why or can u help……. thanx…

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