First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Internet and mobile networks

The end to end principle is regarded well as a reason for huge popularity( hence fast adoption) for net but then I had been really very amazed with exponential adoption rate of mobile. In India 3-4 years mobile was not known at all to more than 99% of the population but today it is so prevalent all over the country.

How is that a centrally mediated ( or a controlled network ) gets adopted faster than a loosely connected end points based network ? Someone had pointed out that for networks to socially scale it should have an identity collateral which the mobile nets do while the internet do no.

Context Phone

Came across this project at Helsinki university called Context Phone which is absolutely cool. The applications would have quite far reaching impact. The best one that I like is that is it is like meta phrasing mobiles. The most important purpose of is to keep me connected , to whomever I wish to. the applications here lets me know me if I can connect to any right now, if I am not able to connect then why is it so ( because the person at the other end is in a meeting or something)

Google is Not Evil , Not anymore

“Google is not evil” is (was) a guiding philosophy at google and it provided google a great strategic asset/resource in the world that was dismayed by the dotcom bust and torn by scandals at likes of WorldCom and Enron.

Of late I have been reading news which indicates that it’s asset is eroding as google seems to be putting that guiding principle to a back seat.

Today I tried to send an attachment(~ 4.5mb) through my gmail account, gmail did not allow me to do so stating that my attachment which was a .tgz contains a binary file and it is being restricted for security reasons. Now that is highly absurd and evil, who gave gmail the permission to read my attachments, a tgz file. The privacy page of gmail does not talk about scanning the attachments.

Some more Google and evil links here.

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Google & Autolink

Darknest’s Gmail account was been terminated by Google because of suspicious files stored in his account.

Animated Gif for Adsense.


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