by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

Apart from technology I just love ad’s ( especially creative ads). I never miss the supplement of the wednesday edition of Economic times which critiques Ad’s although many times I don’t agree with their voting of ‘Best’ and the ‘Bekaar’
Two of the TV ad’s that I cherish so still
1. Diary Milk Ad ” Kuch Khaaas hai zindagi mein” ( created by Alyque Padmasee)
2. “Ciagrette in My hand”

I read a post on AJ’s blog about the ‘Cigarette in my hand’ ad. He has posted the lyrics of the ad song, as like him I am like for the song/vidz of the ad. Inface if any one has any of the two above Ad song/vidz please let know.