First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available


If you use skype a lot you then would like this,
SAM – Skype Answering Machine.


Came across this site interesting sherpalo , it looks very much like, Ram shriram is the guy behind this, apparently he had made more money from google than Larry Page and Sergey Brin.


Apart from technology I just love ad’s ( especially creative ads). I never miss the supplement of the wednesday edition of Economic times which critiques Ad’s although many times I don’t agree with their voting of ‘Best’ and the ‘Bekaar’
Two of the TV ad’s that I cherish so still
1. Diary Milk Ad ” Kuch Khaaas hai zindagi mein” ( created by Alyque Padmasee)
2. “Ciagrette in My hand”

I read a post on AJ’s blog about the ‘Cigarette in my hand’ ad. He has posted the lyrics of the ad song, as like him I am like for the song/vidz of the ad. Inface if any one has any of the two above Ad song/vidz please let know.

SMS king

An Indian sets a guiness record for fastest typing of SMS ( via ToI)

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New Service Combines IM, Blogging, File Sharing, And Search
First Audio Video Blogging service

Excellent conferences

This is time of year when some excellent technology conferences happen. Well I am not talking about IEEE/HiPc kind of conferences ( where research papers are presented) but conferences where technology products are displayed and demoed.
3GSM conference


A team from my company is at 3GSM demoing our multimedia applications

Philip K dick

I have just started reading a classic book by Philip K Dick, if you like science fiction then you are just going to love this guy. Matrix storyline has been heavily influenced by him.

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Trading blogs

Kirk report is an excellent trading ( US markets) blog that I occasionally read, a few days ago I was searching for a blog on indian markets. Alas could not find anything as good as kirk report. But here are some decent results that turned out. ( The best among the lot)

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