First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Blue Ocean

Came across this interesting term called Blue Ocean Strategy. Apparently a new book has been published by some leading management profs. It is being talked about being very radical ,some also are classifying it as a old wine in new bottle.

Business Baazigar

I read an article recently and also watched a couple of ads in TV about this new programme called ‘Business Baazigar’ in Zee Tv. Is it going to be simply reality TV extended to ‘Idea Pitching’ or it’s going to be more interesting than that where it is going to combine ideas aspect and running of a business ( like Apprentice). I am definitely gonna watch this show to find out. It could be nice place to watch out if any true innovation can come out. Ran a quick search and found quite a bit about what’s going on in relation to that. They have a website. The event has been begun quite long ago, it is only in short time we might start seeing the videos. This person seems to have been selected for one of the round ( I don’t know which one).

P2P ( Prosumer 2 Prosumer ) models

As I think of it more, rather than B2B or B2C the biggest buzzwords of the dot com 1.0 era , it is the consumer 2 consumer(C2C) kind of models which are making real value. The internet is like one giant switchboard which connects one end point to another end point at significantly low cost. Examples of these are eBay, Craiglist, Flickr, del.ic.ous, buzzant, Napster, Kaazaaa.

They are all platforms which enable a consumer 2 consumer transaction take place. When a consumer has something to offer to another consumers he is basically acting as a producer. So s/he should be rather termed ‘prosumer'(= producer + consumer).

The above examples P2P [ Prosumer 2 Prosumer] models are going to be rampant in dot com 2.0. Looks like P2P state of the society is going to be the one with least entropy and world it inching towards that. Check out these ideas server decentralization and viral networking .

[” In space – time graph internet curves inwards” as internet reduces time[ concept of ‘internet time’] and space[‘geographical distance’] between any two points in the world.]

Rock Music !!

More rock bands are going to come to India. Mark Knopfler in March (Delhi & Mumbai). Eagles are going to be in bangalore in July/JUne. Also talks with Norah Jones is going on.

This news item about my college rock band Insomnia made my day today.

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