Media Giant in 2005

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

A P2P Media giant, came across this post by Steve Rubel on how eBay and Craig’s List Will Merge in 2005 to create a P2P Media Giant.
I always keep thinking as to why there is no consumer 2 consumer platform ( utilizing the net ) like Craiglist in india yet. [Bazee is an imitation of exists though] A friend lamented that market does not exist yet, there are very few people who use internet as compared to the US . But then why do I see so many who know about a service like Craiglist crave for such a kind of service.
I am going definitely going to find out more on this, If there is anything on this line if you know about drop me a line[thiyagarajan AT gmail DOT com].