First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Surprising !

Saw a post on the slashdot titled Converting Images Into Sounds for the Blind , it talks about a product from Cornell university. Read about a simillar product from a company in Netherlands about an year ago. Now a product like this is what umair calls as an example of recombinative innovation. What is interesting here is that an European company has done this before an Ameriacan Company.

Answers to Everything

I just love the wikipedia for the vast amount of information it contains on any subject that is of interest, but this takes it one step further.

Strategy Books To Read

Here is a list of strategy books to read, a post from an ISB grad. I can pretty much adapt that to read list and add the following books in the classics section.

“Book of the Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi
“On War” by Karl Phillip Gottlieb von Clausewitz

Paradox of choice

Paradox of choice” is a book released recently by Barry Schwartz. Check out this interview with him. It is excellent, I want to lay my hands on those books.

But is’nt that what Neo says to the architect ” The problem is choice”.

Neo:” There are only two possible explanations, either no one told me, or no one knows.

Architect:” Precisely. As you are undoubtedly gathering, the anomaly is systemic – creating fluctuations in even the most simplistic equations.”

Neo:” Choice. The problem is choice.”

Morpheus:” Everything begins with choice.”

Merovingian:” No. Wrong. Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without.”

Innovative stuff

Silverscreen and Razz are absolutely cool.

Cool service from a9

Stitching together of images was an exercise that was given in the Computer Vision course at IIIT but commercial usage of it here is so cool. There are lot of other cool things about this service from a9, check it out.

Addition to blogroll

Here are some blogs of my friends, Tux & Bunny.They are geeks to the core. Bunny was also my roommate at college. Some time back I had posted that I would love to check some blogs from some people, I findd that two are already blogging , one my roomie bunny , rajagopal ( he is also blogging) , I am still waiting for the director of my college to blog.

Thanks Nishkala for the urls of tux and bunny.

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