First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Clustering based search engine

Clusty( , a clustering based engine from a startup calledvivisimo. I am liking Clusty more than google because asearch on my name( gives mygdit url as the second entry in result while googledoes not even show it in the first page 🙂
Google ain’t cool any more

P2P Radio

A wonderful concept , why it took so long for this to surface. It is “A P2Pradio ” based on the model of Napster(server centricP2P).
This is very much “legal” within the purview of “DMCA” as the songs are only streamed whenshared and not downloaded :):)
The search feature in this is quite neat and the sound quality is really rocks. Enjoy this while it lasts coz I am quite sure that the dumb asses at RIAAwould find some excuses to declare it illegal andshoot themselves into their foots again.

Consultancy 101

The first lesson that they teach at a consultancy is
When you play a consultants role do not educate/impart to the other person a knowledge but to educate him( give comfort feeling) that you possess the relevant knowledge.
I want to make no comments on this
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