I m like a bird

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

Blogging after really very very long time. So much has happened in this short while as if another age has passed by. So much change has happened.To surmise I moved onsite to work on a project for a client. This alone could result in so much of blog posts but I just did not find time to do them. I have realised that I whine a lot about time. Well i would be blogging more regularly now.

But turning the attention to this post I was introduced to Nell Furtado by a song called ‘Powerless which was quite good but then I recently listened to ‘I am like a bird” was just blown away by that. What an essence in that song for me. It succintly captures my thinking. I immediately went and bought the album that contains this song. It cost me $15 but it was well worth it for me.